The photo challenge – #5 Dance

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It’s a lesson hard to learn.
Things don’t always go the way you want them to. People do not do or say what you’d like them to do or say. Sometimes events are bigger than you. Sometimes life gets ugly. It does, it really does. Nonetheless, you just have to do your dance. Because, when things get ugly, you get an incredible chance to learn about the world and about yourself.

I’m not saying it is painless and it is definitely not all sunshine and rainbows but, since it’s gonna hurt anyways, why not looking for silver linings?

This week’s theme reminded me of last summer when I was still a little broken and having terrible mood swings. I was trying to remember how to dance instead of being frozen by fear. This is me jumping and jumping on the beach after a summer storm, tossing all my worries away and carelessly doing my dance.



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