The Photo Challenge #24 – Tiny

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Things look very different when you see them from an unusual point of view. For example, imagine you find yourself on the top of a castle tower and you look down. What you might see is similar to what you see in the picture I chose for this week’s challenge.

Everything looks so small: the trees, the houses, the church and even the belfry, which you would normally consider majestic. But, the tiniest thing you see (actually nothing more than some colorful dots in this pic) is us. People.
Teeny-tiny as we are, we’re capable of greatness: great goods and, unfortunately, of great bads too. I don’t know, I think we should be very aware of the fact that we are really nothing more than a spec of dust in the universe. At the same time, as small as we are, we can achieve great goals if only we put our minds to it. History proves it. And isn’t that mind-blowing?

1 comments on “The Photo Challenge #24 – Tiny”


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