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The Photo Challenge #27 – Anticipation

A building under construction is one of the things that says “anticipation” out loud. Especially if the above-said building is your home-to-be. Watching the 2D project you’ve drawn with the architect becoming 3D (and standing) is thrilling and terrifying at the same time.
And you can’t wait for the construction works to be over so that you can
finally relax, and maybe drink something hot while sitting directly on the recently installed tiles.


A for Adulthood

<English version here.>

Proprio quando pensi che le cose non possano diventare più difficili, beh… possono eccome.

Proprio quando pensi che prendere una decisione sulle piastrelle del bagno sia la cosa più difficile che tu abbia mai fatto, cominci a cercare i mobili adatti.

Odio diventare adulta.

Picture by the awesome The Awkward Yeti. I love this guy!

Just when you think things can’t get any harder, well… turns out that they can.

Just when you think the decision about the bathroom floor is the hardest you ever made, you start scouting for furniture.

I hate adulthood.