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The Photo Challenge #42 – Experimental

I’ve been experimenting a lot lately. I guess it is mainly because… I just moved in with my boyfriend. So, new house, new rules, new routine, new recipes, new stuff still to buy, everything is new and there is plenty to still experiment. Among other things, I’m experimenting with taking care of the beautiful plants our friend brought us when they first came to visit us. Will this orchid, which I named Ophelia, survive my not so green thumb?

As for now, I think she likes her spot since all the closed buds managed to bloom. We’ll see how it goes in the next weeks.

The Photo Challenge #27 – Anticipation

A building under construction is one of the things that says “anticipation” out loud. Especially if the above-said building is your home-to-be. Watching the 2D project you’ve drawn with the architect becoming 3D (and standing) is thrilling and terrifying at the same time.
And you can’t wait for the construction works to be over so that you can
finally relax, and maybe drink something hot while sitting directly on the recently installed tiles.


Fare casa – Furnishing quests

<English version here.>

Crescere significa che potrai anche sapere tutto sull’Inferno di Dante, ma una volta che ti trovi di fronte a una grande esposizione di rubinetteria e aste per la doccia, non hai la più pallida idea di quali caratteristiche dovrebbero avere per essere pezzi buoni. Per non parlare del disagio che ti prende nel momento in cui scopri che i prezzi vanno da “follemente costosi” a “esticazzi”.


Growing up means you may know all about Dante’s Inferno (the book, not the videogame) but, once you stand in front of a large exposition of bathroom fittings and shower’s poles, you don’t have the palest idea about what features it should have to be suitable stuff. Not to mention the discomfort you feel the moment you become aware that the price range goes from crazy expensive to WTF?