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Pic of the Month – September 2019

Last month I got to go back to one of my favourite places on earth, the beautiful Isola d’Elba. It had been 6 years since I last were there, and I was missing everything about it: the bright colors, the smell of maritime pine trees and eucalyptus, the variety of beaches (white sand, golden sand, white rocks, dark rocks), the peaceful silence, the starry sky in the night. But the real reason behind the choice of going back there was that my boyfriend never visited the island before. One of the first things I told him when we got together was that I had to show him around Isola d’Elba so I guess that after 4 years it was time to keep my promise.

It was a great week and, though I visited the island about 15 times before last september, I even got to do something I never did before: enjoy the sunset in Viticcio with my one true love.

Bye bye, I’m going in FERIE… e due!

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Direi che il titolo è più che esplicativo. Fortunatamente quest’anno sono ritornata a poter fare le mie tre canoniche settimane di ferie estive e l’ultima sta per iniziare!
A presto, amici blogger. Se volete stare con me anche nei prossimi giorni potete sempre seguire il mio account Instagram.

FERIE means vacation days.
That said, it becomes pretty clear that I’m about to go once again on a new adventure. Sadly I’ll be back really soon, but in the meantime you can always follow me on my IG account.

Bye bye, I’m going in FERIE

Sotto una diapositiva di quello che intendo fare nei prossimi giorni. Insieme a lunghe passeggiate, scambi a racchettoni al cardiopalma, tuffi dove l’acqua è più blu, indigestioni di panzerotti e altre amenità panificate, cruciverba a non finire e gite di vario genere nell’entroterra pugliese e campano.

La valigia è pronta e le ferie stanno ufficialmente per iniziare tra 5…4…3…
A presto, amici!